Finally some colored art for Ash’s Inuit re-imagining of Frozen/Snow Queen.

Ash came up with the premise of it being set in Greenland during the 1940s and just everything is brilliant about it. How it’s set during WW2 and how Qila’s best friend, Malik, joins a special force called the Sledge Patrol to help defend the eastern coast of Greenland (I’m just reiterating what’s in the post linked above so go take a look).

I’m just here to help draw some concepts for it so meet Qila and Nanook.

I also tried drawing in an Inuit inspired style. Sorry, I have a lot to learn on that front, but I tried to depict part of the story where Malik leaves with the Sledge Patrol. And Ash and I haven’t really talked about the next part, but I imagined Malik stumbling into the Snow Queen’s clutches by accident, maybe slipping into a cave or somewhere. I’m really not sure. I just wanted to show him getting into trouble and then being frozen by some unknown power. And that’s it. I’ll try and get into drawing some Malik concepts next.

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